Tower SpA

Tower SpA is one of the most important insurance brokers of Northern Italy.

Business need

Tower had two main needs.

  1. The need to monitor revenues composition in relation to the previous years and to the activity of each commercial account with complex operations, previously performed with a huge amount of time and with the impossibility to have the information always updated.
  2. The need to monitor back-office workloads in order to allocate human resources more efficiently.

Solution and benefits

Tower chose Alea Analytics, whereby it has achieved its goals, even obtaining some additional benefits.

Monitoring of the margins on the basis of customer profiling and improvement of sales strategies
Strategic planning of marketing activities


Forecasting of the trend of future revenues
Simplification of complex data processing and general improvement of management performances, with a great saving of time and money, and without having to modify business processes
Optimization and improvement of decision-making process
Constant monitoring of KPIs, through specific alert.


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