Alea Supervisor is the ERP you have always dreamed of.

The old ERPs must be transformed to meet the new requirements of flexibility needed by insurance.

Alea Supervisor does not require transformations, because it was created from scratch with your new needs in mind, and designed to quickly adapt to the changes of tomorrow.

The software architecture is modular, flexible and scalable and the times of installation and use are faster than ever. Alea Supervisor was designed and created to be beautiful, as well as practical: you can customize the interface, as well as the accesses and permissions in a few easy steps.

If you travel a lot for work, using your smartphone or tablet, Alea Supervisor is the right solution, because it is designed for mobile use too.

Alea Supervisor lives in the cloud: this makes it fast, safe and economically efficient, because any changes or maintenance can be carried out quickly and at low cost.

Alea Supervisor enables the complete management of insurance portfolio – for any branch – as well as accounting, both general and for insurance.

If you want, you can ask for digital and graphometric signature services.


ERP can no longer be regarded as a mere commodity, but rather the basis for a new strategy to be implemented: that is why the old ERPs are too much slow and expensive for this. Alea Supervisor has been designed from scratch to give you the evolution of the tools you always use. For the daily management you know, only better.


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