Alea Stargate gives order and meaning to your data, wherever they are.

Business data are an important source of knowledge, but they often lie in different databases, because they are processed by different people, at different times; even formats are often different, making the correlation more difficult.

Alea Stargate is an ETL platform which collects, normalizes and correlates all the data you want to examine into a single data warehouse – specifically designed for insurance – ready to consult. Alea Stargate collects your data from any database, relational or not, via Web-Service or directly from your files.

Alea Stargate works with the frequency you prefer; it is completely automatic, therefore it does in no way impact your normal daily operations.

Don’t miss the opportunity to exploit the wealth of history and knowledge that you already own: it is the best way to achieve the competitive advantage you need to forecast and react more quickly than your competitors to market changes.


Data integration is the first step toward knowledge. Alea Stargate is a tireless assistant which automatically extract, normalize and certify any new processed data, sorting it with the others into the data warehouse we created for you: everyday at your side to give more value to your work.


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