Alea Analytics is the control tower that allows you to efficiently and constantly monitor every vital area of your business.

Alea Analytics is an innovative cloud suite delivered as a service, exploiting new analysis tools for business data.

Alea Analytics is designed for insurance on the basis of IBM Cognos 10.2, a powerful business intelligence software.

Thanks to Alea Analytics, your company’s strategic information are integrated and reorganized to give to the management the opportunity of making informed decisions, based on the deep knowledge of reality.

Alea Analytics turns your data into real insights, knowledge and predictive analytics: you will be able to constantly monitor your portfolio and margins – according to customer clustering – forecasting the trend of future revenues.

Alea Analytics provides 70 reports, which are the ideal standard base for insurance, concerning the main areas of business management.

  • Marketing
  • Agents
  • Portfolio
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Claims

If you want, you can ask for customizations based on specific needs.

Why Alea Analytics?

Alea Analytics turns the data you generate every day into real value. Thanks to Alea Analytics you can count on an updated overview based on reliable data, and this will allow you to promptly react to market changes, seizing business opportunities otherwise hidden or lost.

To integrate and certify all your business data and to exploit always reliable and updated information, while constantly monitor your KPIs, allows you to achieve some important goals concerning: Compliance, Audit, Quality Certification.

Alea Analytics is designed for mobile too: all the reports are accessible by smartphone and tablet.


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